Who is atlas?

ATLAS is a distribution company that has been cooperating in export activities in Africa since 2014.

Atlas LLC represents a group of companies in Russia and Africa. Using the practice of international activities, the company can guarantee timely delivery of medicines for coronavirus infection to countries near and far abroad. One of the directions is to support international transactions in the field of medicine. The company has entered into long-term partnerships for the supply of vaccines and medicines with the leaders of the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation. Atlas contributes to the development of internal research in the field of medicine and their introduction to the world market. During the outbreak in Russia, the company took measures to support the supply of protective equipment and medicines. Until a cure and vaccine for the coronavirus infection is found. The company is a consultant and bidder in countries such as Nigeria, Namibia, and South Africa.


A new generation cure for coronavirus developed by the Russian company Promomed.


AREPLIVIR treatment for COVID-19. NEW generation cure for CORONA VIRUS, developed by Russian Company Promomed.

The quality of the product meets international standards. The benefit is a lower cost compared to analogues.

After four days taking cure Patients were completely cured. In 9 out of 10 cases, after treatment, the coronavirus was completely absent from the body.

The drug blocks the reproduction of the virus, stopping the spread of infection in the body.

ATLAS is a Distributor Company that has been cooperating for export activities in Africa since 2014.


CORONAVIR - this is a new drug based on favipiravir for the treatment of COVID-19.


Coronavir received conditional market approval in Russia (July 6, 2020) for the treatment of CAVID-19 for hospitalized patients. Favipiravir is known to inhibit the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of many RNA viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. It has been shown to be an effective treatment option for patients with COVID-19 in preliminary studies in China. The coronavirus was developed with an original formulation that does not violate most existing drug patents. Coronavirus is highly comparable according to the "dissolution" test with AVIGAN.

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